Dubai is known as the city of skyscrapers. No one can imagine that a few decades earlier hardly anyone knows about Dubai. It was just the dry desert village which rarely has any opportunities for its own people. Comparing today’s Dubai with the Dubai a few decades earlier is an unbelievable accomplishment.

Everything in Dubai is glittering and innovative from its sky-high spires to its glossy office parks. It has become a dream for everyone in the world to have the startup in Dubai as it provides the huge opportunity for everyone all over the globe. It is an open platform for the people, anyone from anywhere can test their fortune in Dubai.

Government of Dubai has played a very important role in booming the economy of the country as they have several very attractive plans for their localities’ and the visitors who wants to spend or start something new in Dubai. The basic support given by the government is the business-friendly policies and a favourable corporate tax system. From all the attractive policies, the Dubai has merged as the biggest business hub across the world.

Not only for the local people, Dubai suits the requirement of every person across the globe. Dubai was the first emirates to establish economic free zone model which has attracted many foreigners to start up their own business. Under economic free zone model, it has welcomed foreigners for the independent business.

The key features which attracts the people to start up in Dubai are the:

  • Free trade zone : There are many free trade zones in Dubai. Due to these free zones, consumers are attracted to shop because they tend to get cheaper goods there.
  • Attractive infrastructure: Dubai is known as the city of skyscrapers. As the people who are interested in the investment opt for the free zone and finalises the office infrastructure and they get electricity, internet, water and other amenities.
  • Great eminence of living : Dubai has something for everyone. In the recent years, various surveys were done all over the world and every time Dubai was listed under 10 best cities which provides the great quality of living.
  • Expo 2020: Dubai is preparing for something big. Expo 2020 will be an event which will take place in the year 2020 and it will be basically for the entrepreneurs and business groups who are looking for opportunities and are ready to test their fortune. It is assumed that almost 30 million visitors will attend this event over the time period of 6 months.

Dubai is a very big brand, so the biggest challenge with the potential investors in setting up the business is their competition. With the arrival of new businesses attracted by the trade and tax incentives and the Emirates exotic reputation, it is very important to make sure you research and make strategies before starting a business in UAE.

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