How Can I Fix My Online Brand Image?

Online Brand Image is the image that you carry on the internet. It is not only your showcasing website but includes all the integrated Social media network, posts, reviews and star ratings. If good things are listed on Search Engine, brand image is positive while if more negative results are listed your brand is in trouble and you should be on toes to take serious corrective actions.

Online Brand Image is built with your attractive website with quality content, social media pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, etc. The regular posts that you are doing, the comments, reviews and star ratings that you receive matters a lot for building or breaking. As a thumb rule, the positive image is built very slowly, but bad words travel with the speed of light which are capable of shattering everything built over years.

Now the question arises, how to fix this. Earlier when the internet was not so much in use it was easier to control the damage. But with new evolving technology, things have changed. It is not possible for anyone to avoid negative comments, everybody has right to speak their brain and various sites are ready to grab it, whenever you want. There are no laws in place which may stop people doing this damage. So only way is to do the correction.

It is not easy or rather not possible to remove any negative content from any website without the consent of the owner, legally. Using unethical means and illegal techniques never work. So now, the support from Online Reputation Management experts or some expert on-board is the only solution.

The first step to do is Online Reputation Audit. In this, web results of all search engines, social media pages and other communication channels are scanned and all negative content is identified. The root cause analysis is done.

Next step is to make a strategy in order to overcome the situation. Content Gap analysis is performed, required SEO activities are formulated.

An assessment is made whether the negative content can be removed from the target website legally or not. All the possible scenarios are implemented.

For the content which cannot be removed with above, an assessment is performed in order to understand, if it is possible to remove the content from Search Engines, and needful action is taken.

If above two actions do not give the result, then re-engineering is done. Activities are performed in order to push down the negative content by bombarding with positive content. With this, negative content is listed below which is not seen by most of the people.

The brand is re-positioned with fresh and innovative content, positive content, articles, blogs and Social media activities are performed and with this, Brand Image is fixed.



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