How To Make A Successful Website And Promote

We are living in the Online Age, where the whole world is trying to establish their digital footprints and establish their own identity through the website.

To get the good google ranking and the wisely optimized website is the dream of every business entity. Getting both these things at the same time seems to be very difficult, but, it is not as difficult as it appears, everything needs to be done in a well-planned manner.

If proper steps are followed starting from the development of the website, then achieving this becomes very easy. There are certain informal steps to make a successful website.

Step 1: Quality Content

For any successful site, the basic requirement is unique and quality content. Once the audience is defined and keywords are selected, creative team should develop comprehensive content which may attract the attention of site visitors. Images and videos also play a vital role. Website theme should also be catchy.

Step 2: Add Headers and Meta Description:

At the time of development, the headers and meta description is added in the HTML, which summarizes the page content and the description is written for every page. Search engines show the meta description in the search result. Therefore, descriptions are very important characteristic of on-page SEO.

Step 3: Better Content Marketing Strategy

For marketing, content plays a vital role and the content can be refined by the Blogs, e-Books, videos, Infographics and the latest one is the Podcasts (these are the digital audio file media available on the website for the downloading).

Step 3: Check for duplicate page and content

Infesting too much content can be injurious to your website, as too much content can lead to the duplicity of the content and if the website has the duplicate content or pages, the Google treats it as the spam due to which it stops indexing.

Step 4: SSL Certificate

Once the website development is complete and ready for hosting, make it SSL certified. SSL certificate is the mainstay of the secure Internet and it protects sensitive information as it travels across the world’s computer networks. It provides privacy, critical security and data integrity for the website.

Step 5: Speed test

As the website gets fully loaded with the content and data, a speed test of the website should be done. There are several SEO tools available online which can test the speed of the website in seconds just by pasting the link to your website. It should be optimized for quick loading.

Step 6: Analyse the present Traffic

As the site gets ready, analyse the present traffic on the website, which can be done through Google Analytics. On google analytics create the property for each website you want to track. Then find the tracking ID which is used in tracking code snipped. The pages you want to track, copy and paste the tracking code right after the opening <head> tag.

Step 7: Observe and note the matrices of website

Google Analytics shows the number of unique visitors, page views, visitors per page, the average time the visitor spent on the site, number of bounce rate, what are the traffic source which may be direct, search and referral and the pages from where the visitor exists.

Step 8: Content Curation

Content curation is a continuous process on which social media sites use to gather and present content which is more audience specific. Some tips for the content curation are:

  • Write regular blogs for your website which must have interlinking and the eye-catching image in it.
  • Regular news and updates should be posted in the social media which should be linked to the website.
  • Proper scheduling should be done to post regular content so that it can help to grow the content regularly and attract traffic.

The website is the biggest medium to tell people about yourself and the successful website cannot be built in a day so it needs time, smart work and the continuous efforts. By using above steps, one can achieve the goal to divert traffic towards the website in order to get new leads and potential customers.







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