Increase Google Ranking Through Content And Keywords

Google is so much more than just a search engine. People are so much addicted to the use of Google that for searching anything anywhere they use google. Therefore the people who have website wants a good ranking in Google search results, for which the easiest way is through content and keywords. This can be achieved with the following –

  • Meta data: Metadata is those data on the website which plays a role behind the scene. These are the words which are embedded inside the code. Metadata are inserted in between the <head> tags (there is the space in between the <head> tags where they are inserted). There are basically three types of Metadata:

1) Title Metadata: These are responsible for the page titles which are displayed on top of the browser. For the websites built on CMS (content management system), these are auto-generated for each webpage.

2) Description Metadata: Descriptive textual data that a browser uses in the page search. It is a concise and appealing description which shows what is within the page. The main aim of inserting the description metadata is to encourage the people to enter the page.

3) Keyword Metadata: Keyword Metadata are basically the phrases which the people type at the time to search your website. For a page, there should be maximum 6-8 keyword metadata. If more than 8 keywords will be there, then the google may completely ignore the keywords and each phrase should contain 1-4 words only.

  • Filter the keywords for the website:
  1. Preferably use one key subject per page. Use the phrases for the keywords and in the content for each page, select each title or phrase and try to use that title/phrase on the page 3-4 times, mainly in the starting and at the time of conclusion. This makes the content healthy and helps to increase the ranking.
  2. One of the thing that the Google observe when it catalogues the page is the destination of the keyword, that is how many time the keyword occurs.
  3. Another thing that the Google looks for is the hyperlink that is given at the time of the content. The thing which should be interesting to know is “Click Here” has no search value so when the hyperlinks are attached in the content then it should be full of keywords and “Click Here” should be avoided as much as possible.


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