Why Mobile First Development Is A Necessity

With the advent of iPhones and Smart Phones, the whole concept of Digital marketing is changed. You no longer require to log on to the computer, a mobile can act as a computer, TV, Video & Audio player and but of course a camera.  Smartphone users are growing exponentially and hence mobile marketing has become an integral part of digital marketing. Mobile marketing is a technology used by common man. A report shows that on an average 70% people have mobile in their hands on which they rely for social networking, internet browsing and purchases.

Digital marketing is useful for Mobile phones because mobile phones provide flexibility for shopping, easy to reach and SMS marketing. The influence of mobile applications is increasing day by day. Keeping availability of mobile in mind, mobile compatible development has become necessary.

Advantages of mobile for digital marketing-

Reachability to Masses: Mobiles are more reachable to people than other media devices. If somebody wants to search or shop for something, as the general practice he will search by phone at least once.

Flexible Timings: Mobile phones give flexible time for internet browsing as well as shopping. There is no time limit, one can shop for anything, anywhere and anytime.

SMS Marketing: SMS is one of the best ways to remind and introduce various schemes of business on day to day basis. Introduction of Special offers, Day offers, New arrivals, Off Season sale, etc.  through SMS has become a practice.

Mobile wallet: Nowadays many mobile wallets are available in the market. It is an easier way to make payments, you simply need to recharge wallet and make an easy payment.

Bridge between Consumer and Manufacturer: Consumers mobile numbers are available to the manufacturer in their database. And most of the customers have access to manufacturer sites. So it is the easiest way to communicate with each other.

Hence, Mobility or Mobile development is needed first because of its ready availability in daily life as compared to other marketing media. It is very much possible for a person that he may not open his mail, TV and Laptop for the entire day but it is hardly possible that he may not access his mobile for the full day. Mobile became best time pass for the free time let it be Facebook, Whatsapp, googling, online shopping, online banking. Availability of free Wi-Fi and cheap data packs has played the important role.

As mentioned above mobiles are really important for digital marketing and shopping. So it is really important to develop applications which are not only compatible with mobile but responsive to any size of the screen. If somebody wants to market their product and want to make it more popular, then it is really important to develop for mobile first.

Hence, for digital marketing, it is most desirous to be mobile ready. It will increase your reach out, and potential customers.



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