Why Online Reputation is Important?

Online Reputation management has become a Buzz word nowadays. In this fast-growing digital world, each and every person is looking for everything on the internet. If you are searching for a company or brand, you simply google. There is ‘n’ number of things listed for you to review some positive, some negative. You browse through, all reviews, star ratings and whatever information you want, everything is available. Similarly being a recruiter you want to have information regarding a candidate, you visit certain sites and complete portfolio is in front of you. Many businesses are built because of their image online while same is applicable for the downfall. In this digital world, if positive image building is done easily, so is the trashing of the image. With the rapid increase in usage of internet, online reputation has become very important.

Now, the first question which arises in mind is  “what is this Online Reputation?”, the answer is, How people perceive you online is your ‘Online Reputation’. It is your Brand Image, be it an individual or company. Being positive, it will bring you positive results, more business and bigger customer base. But being negative, it will eat away everything. Empires have fallen down because of this. There are various examples in front of us substantiating this fact.

If you are not present on world wide web, you are almost nonexistent, a big question mark on your physical presence. Nobody will trust a company or brand whose search results are found null. Your sole existence is in jeopardy. So first and foremost it is most important for you to be present on the internet. And if you are present, then you have to be prepared for positive and negative comments and reviews. You cannot make everybody happy, so, if you are building your worth with positive image, be ready that there will be people who are ready to smash it. They may be your competition or rivals or maybe those who have personal problems with you. You need to be alert and aware to maintain a good and positive image online.

Hence, we can say that Online Reputation is the image you carry online. Which should be more of positive than negative. You should be aware of what the masses are talking about you and how to rectify the same. Earlier it was possible to manage yourself, but with growing technology, it has become difficult without experts. So its time for each individual, brand and company to get aware of their Online Reputation and how to manage it.

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